Acne Treatment and Skin Care in Portland, Oregon

Since 1990 I have chosen the timeless European Classic facial as my way to create beautiful skin; smaller pores, refined and smooth texture – no matter the age.

Every facial includes:

  • Hand and arm massage
  • Cleansing and prep treatment
  • Deep pore extraction (as desired)
  • Shoulder, neck, and face massage for smoothing, relaxation, and hydration
  • Completes with finishing cream, or upgrade to a collagen fleece

One and 1/4 Hours….

With one Collagen Fleece …$110.00

With two Collagen Fleeces…$128.00

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About Treatments

Our classic facials help correct dryness, refine pores, and soften and plump lines. Over time, these improvements gain momentum and will change the future of your skin.

As you can see, I love the collagen fleeces. Over the years, I have offered multiple facial options. As my knowledge has increased, I have settled on the Collagen Fleece Facials. I want my clients to have facials that represent my experience and knowledge and these facials do that for me. I want them to leave with the best possible treatment based on what I have consistently been able to achieve over decades of work.

For those of you suffering with problem skin and acne, please rest assured. The road to recovery is balanced with the proper amount of extraction, maintaining hydration, and soothing the irritation of your skin.

Without brushes, scrubs or chemicals, Andrea’s Facials will soften your skin into smoothness without irritation or increased sensitivity. It will smooth roughness of the pores through a unique softening method. for a smoother skin that will last throughout your lifetime.

For acne treatment, extraction of the pores is an essential to change the size of the pores and reduce infection. Extraction is done with awareness of the senstivity of problem skin. 

Skin infections will decrease and become less deep and less painful, and will be far less likely to leave scarring.  Andrea’s Facials help to create a strong and healthy epidermis – which is the key to preventing bacterial infection.

Problem skin is sensitive and vulnerable. To ease anxiety and stress on you and your skin, with Andrea’s Facials you are carefully guided in your acne treatment from your current regime to Dzialo Skin Care and the Dzialo Method.

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